The Battle Of Dukes

Trading Contest

The Battle Begins On

19th February 2024

scalping dukes unveils the battle of dukes

Unlock the thrill of our trading contest, where talent meets rewards. Showcase your mastery in trading, participate, generate the highest profit percentage, and stand a chance to win exciting prizes


The winner

The dukes generating highest percentage of profit after 30 days of trading subject to conditions will be awarded these prizes.

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The Leader Board

Rules of the contest

Contest FAQ's

What are the trading conditions?

Trades executed in contest account shall only be considered for the contest

a. Account Type: Contest
b. Minimum Deposit: $500
c. Leverage: 1:200
d. Tools: As available in Scalping Dukes MT5 platform
e. Minimum Volume: 0.01 lots with no upper limit

When will the registration begin and when will it close?

The contest registration begins on 12th Feb 2024 and will continue throughout the duration of the contest.

Which platform should I use for trading?

Participants should use Scalping Dukes MetaTrader 5 platform for trading.

Is there any minimum lot size set for entries?

There is no minimum lot size set for individual trades. However, to qualify for prizes, a participant should have traded minimum of 5 standard lots during the contest.

My profile is yet to be verified in scalpingdukes, can I create a contest account?

A contest account can be created only after your profile is verified. 

What are the assets that can be traded?

Participants can trade all the assets available on Scalping Dukes, with no restrictions. However, cryptocurrencies cannot be traded.

Is there any daily trading requirement?

There are no daily trading limits set, but a minimum of 5 standard lots must be traded for contest eligibility

Can we hedge positions while participating in the contest?

No, hedging a position is not allowed and may lead to disqualification.

What happens when my initial deposit / position run into losses? Will there be auto exit?

Trades won’t close unless margins demand. No automatic closure – trade with control and precision

Will I be able to withdraw my profit after contest ends?

Yes, profits can be withdrawn after the contest ends.

Will my funds be locked during the contest?

Yes, during the contest period, the funds in the CONTEST ACCOUNT will be locked and cannot be withdrawn

Can I trade using my smart phone?

Yes, you can log into your contest account from the MT5 mobile app and trade from mobile phones.

My contest account got deactivated, what do I do now?

Your contest account will not be deactivated unless there are violations and breaches of rules (malpractices). If a technical issue arises, you can raise a ticket

Where do I check my contest rankings?

Participants can check their rankings on the Scalping Dukes website.

Will the number of trades be considered for rewards?

No, only participants who have traded minimum of 5 Standard lots, along with the highest profit percentage, will be considered as the winner.

Can I use multiple contest accounts?

Participants should use only one contest account. However, if your trading account is exhausted, you can rejoin by creating a new account and making a deposit.

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